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Nickolai Bakken and Desiree Parr
Urgent Coronavirus Mission
Paris, France, and Greater Europe

The Europe Calling:

On 3/10/2020 as the outbreak of Coronavirus continued to spread, Red Letter Ministries received an urgent commission affirmed by numerous signs and wonders to head to France & Europe in order to stand against the plague of the earth at the frontlines.

Two leaders in Red Letter Ministries, Nickolai Bakken & Desiree Parr felt strongly compelled to travel immediately. On the day they accepted the call, President Trump announced that flights to Europe would be soon suspended.

They are traveling in beginning 3/16/2020 into Europe and will begin establishing the blueprint given. 

4 Keys to Paris & Europe:

1. Establishing RLM's Angelic Authority on the ground. 

2. Publicly evangelize the Glory Cup & Bread Message for healing & salvation.

3. Open Governmental Doors

4. Heal those who are sick in the land.

Book and invite Nickolai and Desiree to your home or meeting in Europe by emailing Nickolai at

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