RLM Africa Headquarters Nairobi Kenya!

1st major RLM outreach gains national attention!

RLM Africa granted a national television network in just 2 months!

RLM rents to buy property for RLM-TV Africa Headquarters

Revivalist Shadrack Snr.

"We are absolutely delighted to have Revivalist Shadrack Sr. join our ranks and partner his church completely with Red Letter Ministries. He is a fiery warrior who loves the glory realm as much as we do, and his members of mostly young men & women are guided by a great leader to usher them into the glory. Together, Kenya & the region will rightly inherit their position in Global Glory Renaissance with a lightning powered, giant-smashing, revival storm! 
Welcome into the RLM Tribe Revivalist Shadrack and family."

Documentary on our 4th major outreach in Nairobi, Kenya

CFI RLM TV News Pilot

Kenyan government thanks RLM for community involvement during COVID-19

Incredible Favor and Blessings Shower Nairobi

RLM Africa - Nairobi Kenya Firebase

Building the biggest and best tv station in Kenya - CFI RLM TV

Red Letter Ministries on SoundCloud