Revivalist Shadrack Snr.

Shadrack is born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya to lead revival.

 Meet the head of RLM Africa.

Missionary Penny Hope

After 12 years of apostolic training with Brandon in Minneapolis, Penny has been commissioned by God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to start RLM California in San Francisco. Watch her incredible heavenly adventures in great grace!


Prophetess Rebekah Vernik

Born and raised in Ohio Rebekah first remembers the Holy Spirit wrapping her like a blanket as a baby, protecting her from the demons surrounding her crib. She encountered God in His cloud and was saved at age 12. After powerful continual experiences in the realm of the spirit her whole life, Rebekah received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2017, and joined the RLM team in 2019. Rebekah moves powerfully as a razor sharp seer prophet.


Apostle ​Brandon Barthrop

Born in Seattle, Washington on August 6, 1981 Brandon led a crazy rebellious life of drugs and violence until radically finding Jesus Christ after being court-ordered to Teen Challenge. Saved in October 1999, filled with the Spirit in January 2000, 5 years of Bible college, then launching out in apostolic ministry in 2006 starting Red Letter Ministries.


Missionary Michael DiSabato

Michael served for years in the US Navy, then 3 years on staff with Florida Teen Challenge. After an internship with RLM he has come on staff to head our International Missions team to Kenya, Africa.

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