​Internship Overview:
As an intern with Red Letter Ministries you will experience Wisdom more costly than rubies in Solomon's House of Wine, daily immersion into the river of life, activation of spiritual ability, prophetic increase, power impartation, and feasts of life changing revelations from heaven.

Lodging Included! Live in the remodeled and glorified world famous Vice Documentary "Crack House" inside Joel's Bar Drunken Glory Broadcast!

Internship Costs*:

Flexible $100 per day

Stay for a weekend, or specific desired days.

1 Week: $700; 2 Weeks: $1400 regular internship plans.
*Brian "Head" Welch Bunkroom available for halfprice; $50/night.
*Price listed is per person

*Married couples add 50% for any length of stay.

Enjoy heavy glory wisdom and power intensives 2-3 hours each night at Joel's Bar in house with the RLM Minneapolis Community. Learn to screen mirror your phone to the tv using Tecarta Bible App and Apple Airplay for full immersions of 4-16 hours of Bible reading per day. 

New for 2022:

All interns will receive a USB jump drive of all RLM Radio music in MP3s, a $5,000.00USD value plus a 40 course MP3 teaching from E.W. Kenyon in advanced God-inside minded revelations.

The full tuition amount is due immediately upon acceptance to the program. No refunds or cancellations accepted.

You are responsible for travel/flight/transportation costs to & from, and within Minneapolis, as well as your food and personal expenses.

Email: Rebekah@redlettermin.com to book your dates!

Brand New State of the Art Broadcasting Studio!

The studio audience section is bespoke with leather couches and leather chairs in an extravagant night club type setting.

Pigs in the Parlor will be required material before anyone can attend the RLM internship. 

Enjoy this epic read along video and get freedom in the glory of Jesus Christ!


RLM Internship Program for 2022!
1 or 2 weeks bookings now available

Book your dates today with Rebekah Lynn

Email Rebekah@redlettermin.com

Amazing Internship Testimony!

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