In October 2019 we started using Facebook Demographics

to get our videos to people in the:
✅New Age
​✅ & more..... 

How We're Taking The Media Mountain

for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 🎥 🌄

We are investing $1000's per month to spread the gospel across the earth on Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Media. What we receive is what we invest into our efforts. 

Our Video Broadcasts Reached 1.2 MILLION people globally in October 2019!

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Other viewers are going from Adversaries to Followers in the same day.

Occult & New Age Results


Red Letter Ministries is a Minnesota Non-Profit Organization.

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​​Facebook Has 45 Million in the USA in the Occult alone!

And we've seen QUICK RESULTS! This person commented on a video we sent to an occult audience. His photos clearly show his allegiances...

Red Letter Ministries on SoundCloud

We are MASSIVELY SCALING our Video's to reach these groups. 

$75 will generate 10,000 ad views.
$5000 will generate 250,000 video views.

We reached 160,000+ people with our content in October 2019 in these groups!