RLM Pirate Talk

Joel's Bar Drunken Glory Broadcast

"The Way of Bliss" Joel's Bar 2/4/2011

"A Book of Proverbs" Epic Audio Book!

"Bridal Increases" Joel's Bar 12/17/2010

"Radiation, Revelation, Reality" 12/10/10 5-Part Playlist

"Seed Wars" 12/4/10 5-Part Playlist

"Built on the Rock" 11/19/2010 6-Part Playlist

"Shock and Awe" 11/12/2010 5-Part Playlist

"Shulamite Warlord" 9/24/2010 6-Part Playlist

"Heavenly Capacitors" 10/29/2010 6-Part Playlist

"No Hypocrisy" 10/22/2010 7-Part Playlist

"Wisconsin Wasted" 10/19/2010 8-Part Playlist

"Terrible of the Nations" 10/1/2010 6-Part Playlist

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